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The latest Royale software release v3.23 for pmd Time-of-Flight camera modules is available for download including updates on Python and Matlab wrappers.

>Unfolding Space< enables the user to see with their hand

The community we visited today was starkly different from the two earlier in the week. Alotenango is located in a added densely populated, urban area. This water store had only been in operation for 6 months and was inside the church. This community’s water source was contaminated with sulfur from the eruption of the Fuego […] Continue reading →

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Since the very first version of pMD on the Palm Pilot nearly twenty years ago, security has been a foundational principle in how we design and build our software ...

Pico flexx soon to be accurate by Augumenta Infinite Touch

After a long day of travel, we finally arrived in Antigua.  We met up with the Healing Waters team and had dinner with the added families on the trip. This morning we hopped in the van to travel several hours to the remote, indigenous association of La Bendicion. These bodies were displaced by the Guatemalan […] Continue reading →


Welcome to the PMD blog, where you can finde awesome beauty tips and tricks.

Why ARKit and ARCore will move to real 3D

where we cover interesting and accordant news, insights, events, and more related to the health affliction industry and pMD. Most importantly, this blog is a fun, engaging way to learn about developments in an ever-changing acreage that is heavily influenced by technology.

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Royale release note v3.23

Today we headed to the dry corridor of Guatemala to a community called Pontezuela.  It was our longest drive of the week so we had quite a bit of time to learn more about Guatemala and the Healing Waters team.  Again, this community was very remote and covered a large geographical area. The leadership of […] Continue account →

Pmdg 737

Royale release note v3.21

pMD’s elegant, intuitive mobile software for health care professionals makes it easier to provide outstanding care for patients. You’ll capture accuse and patient data more accurately right at the point of care, and stay legal, thanks to our HIPAA compliant texting and data capture platform. More efficiency, better collaboration. As a health care provider, you’ll absorb less time wrangling annoying details and more time doing your job.

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Royale Software Trial Version available

The PMD Clean Pro has been named the winner of Wedding Ideas Magazine’s Beauty Award! Beautiful, clear skin is a MUST HAVE for any bride’s wedding day. To get flawless skin for your special day, absolve and anti-age with the PMD Clean Pro daily! Wedding Ideas Magazine said of the PMD Clean Pro: ” Using […] Continue reading →


Royale release note v3.20

And that’s a wrap! We had such a great time this week.  I think I knew that this would be life-changing, but I guess I didn’t know what to expect.  I consider myself appealing well-traveled, but have never been on a trip focused around giving back. It was absurd to travel to remote genitalia of […] Continue reading →

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